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Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:48:48 -0800
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"Developing Medical Informatics Ontologies Using Protégé" by 
Natacha Noy and Samson Tu.    (01)

Brand Niemann found this and recommended it (during our telecon 
on 2005.03.08) for the community.    (02)

<>    (03)

Tutorial materials for AMIA 2003 tutorial

"Developing Medical Informatics Ontologies Using Protégé"

The tutorial materials contains the following:

  1. Slides from the tutorial
  2. A Wine ontology: the ontology we will use as an example. Simply copy the directory to your hard drive. On Windows, you should be able just to double-click on the file "wines.pprj" in this directory to open it in Protege. On Mac, remember the location where you copied the directory and open it using Project | Open menu item in Protege.
  3. Medical Informatics ontologies: medical-informatics ontologies that we will use as examples in the tutorial. Copy the directory to your hard disk. This directory contains the following ontologies:
    • The Gene Ontology, ported to Protege by Iwei Yeh, Stanford Medical Informatics, Stanford University (
    • The HL7 RIM ontology, primarily developed by Bhavna Orgun (the on, with modifications by Samson Tu
    • The GLIF ontology, developed by by the InterMed team. Mor Peleg was the primary developer of the example guideline knowledge bases (

Natasha Noy, Samson Tu

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