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TimeMeasure(time measure)

 appearance as argument number 1

(documentation TimeMeasure "The class of temporal durations (instances of TimeDuration) and positions of TimePoints and TimeIntervals along the universal timeline (instances of TimePosition).") Merge.kif 1643-1645
(subclass TimeMeasure ConstantQuantity) Merge.kif 1642-1642 time measure is a subclass of constant quantity

 appearance as argument number 2

(subclass TimeDuration TimeMeasure) Merge.kif 1647-1647 time duration is a subclass of time measure
(subclass TimePosition TimeMeasure) Merge.kif 1651-1651 time position is a subclass of time measure
(termFormat en TimeMeasure "time measure") english_format.kif 553-553 termFormat en time measure "time measure"


        (instance ?MEASURE Measuring)
        (result ?MEASURE ?QUANTITY)
        (instrument ?MEASURE ?CLOCK)
        (instance ?CLOCK Clock))
    (instance ?QUANTITY TimeMeasure))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 482-488
  • if ?MEASURE is an instance of measuring and ?QUANTITY is a result of ?MEASURE and ?CLOCK is an instrument for ?MEASURE and ?CLOCK is an instance of Clock,
  • then ?QUANTITY is an instance of time measure