HDEWiki - Semantic wikis as an example of model-driven Web applications

In this talk we will show how a model-driven Web application development environment, HyperDE, can be leveraged to generate a Semantic Wiki. HyperDE can be preloaded with a Semantic Wiki meta-model, which functions as a general Semantic Wiki engine. This environent can be further specialized with domain-specific models for particular domains of interest, when available. The interesting aspect is that the resulting Semantic Wiki combines the advantages of (Semantic) Wikis and of the more traditional, structured or schema-based (sometimes called data-driven) Web applications.

From the Semantic Wiki point of view, it also supports collective generation and editing of pages that may contain semantic and non-semantic links and annotations, which can be used to enhance ad-hoc navigation patterns created by users. From the structured applications point of view, it also supports the design of pre-defined navigation structures well suited for known tasks, the generation of specialized editing interfaces for structured data (e.g., forms), and the customization of actual user interfaces depending on particular navigation contexts and on existing semantic annotations.

The models driving the Semantic Wiki and its data are all represented in an underlying set of RDFS vocabularies, stored an RDF repository.